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Mini Pig World was highly recommended to me as the best mini pig breeder for two reasons:They take the time to really educate each customer on how to best care for their new household mini pig; and 2. They answered each and every one of my questions I had before I purchased my adorable mini pig. They spend a LOT of time with their pigs. There’s a huge difference between pigs that are handled from birth and not handled..

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When I arrived to pick up my new piggy I was already satisfied where my new baby was coming from. Greeted by the friendliest dogs and Jeremy holding my piggy in hand with a bow(: love at first sight. I asked Jeremy to see the momma and living conditions of the pigs and without hesitation he brought me in the barn. He showed me the difference of size between his parent pigs so you could personally see the size difference..

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who we are?

Here at Mini Pig World we believe that you deserve to have the pleasure and great joy of experiencing how amazing owning a pet mini pig really can be. That is why we have a pet mini pig for everyone. Over the last 11 years, we have been selectively breeding our mini pigs to get the smallest, healthiest and cutest pet pigs that you will find in the world. For more information about our mini pigs, please check out our entire website.

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11 reasons why you should own a micro mini pig:

  • They are as smart as a 3 year old toddler
  • They are affectionate
  • They love to snuggle in your bed with you
  • They love belly rubs

  • They love to swim and roll in the mud (mud pit!)
  • They get along with other animals
  • They can make different noises to signal what they want
  • They love to be trained

  • They are easy to care for
  • They don’t need a lot of space to live a happy life
  • They love to follow you around the house oinking

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We have been featured on Business Insider, Buzz Feed Video, and the UK’s largest social media site Unilad and many more. Book our trained and handled mini pigs for your commercial, tv show, movie, company event, and more. Please contact us for pricing and availability. We would be happy to work with you. Click here to contact.

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