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No. This is a very big myth or false perception that people have. That there is a 10 pound pig that will stay 10 pounds even when fully grown, full grown is 5 years old. The current smallest pig in the world is the pygmy hog which is not domesticated, do not make good pets, and there are fewer than 150 left in captivity in India. Our boar JD is the definition of what a true mini pig should be. He is 5 years old and only 28 pounds! Not only that, he is extremely low to the ground and very short bodied.
If you have ever heard of teacup pigs dying in only a few years, this was due to someone starving there pig to try to keep it from growing, which goes against nature. The pig clearly loses a lot of weight and you will see the whole spine of the pig showing and hips popping out. So yes, this does exist which is horrible if someone is doing this. The good news here in Mini Pig World is we do not starve our pigs to get them smaller. All of our pigs have that beautiful curved back, which will let you know how healthy, they are and that they eat very well.